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Transcript: Talk with Thomas M. Messer and Jiří Kolář, 1975/9/23

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9009089_01-Talk-with-Thomas-M-Messer-and-Jiri-Kolar.pdf

Transcript: The Heritage of Gauguin / Douglas Cooper, 1981/11/24

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9009309_01-Heritage-of-Gauguin.pdf

Transcript: Transformation in Dresden: Die Brucke / Rose Carol Washton Long, 1965/12/5

 Digital Record
Identifier: 615215T04_01_Transformation_in_Dresden_Die_Brucke.pdf

Transcript: Wassily Kandinsky and the Russian Avant-Garde / John E. Bowlt, 1984/1/24

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9009330_01-Wassily-Kandinsky-and-the-Russian-Avant-Garde.pdf

Transcript: Willem de Kooning / Maurice Tuchman, 1962/4/20

 Digital Record
Identifier: 615215T10_01-Willem_de_Kooning.pdf

Transcript: William Baziotes / Lawrence Alloway, 1965/2/28

 Digital Record
Identifier: 615215T09_01-William_Baziotes.pdf

Transcript:Maillol and the 19th Century Tradition, introduction by Henry Berg / Horst W. Janson, 1976/2/22

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9009356_01_AB-Maillol-and-the-19th-Century-Tradition.pdf

Virginia Dwan Interview Information, 2012/3/21

 Digital Record
Identifier: guggenheim-pci-morris-interview-20120321-virginia-dwan-info

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